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At NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. our goal is to provide services that satisfy and improve the lives of our patients and communities. You will find therapists and staff that have a passion for what they do and compassion for those they meet. Our dedication to the health of our patients shines through in all aspects of our business. NW Sports Physical Therapy has adopted a Code of Cooperation that is the foundation of our daily experience with our patients.

  • Integrity: Honesty, Responsibility, Respectful, Ethical and Loyal
  • Excellence: Leadership, Quality, Professional, Knowledgeable, Confident and experienced.
  • Passion: Committed, Inspired, Dream, Enthusiasm, Driven
  • Compassion: Listen, Care, Sincerity, Empathy, Supportive
  • Positive Atmosphere: Fun, Encouraging, Inviting, Motivating and Contagious
Bruce Snell’s Story

NW Sport Physical Therapy, Inc.
NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. has been serving Pierce County for more then 30 years. Our staff consists of therapists with background knowledge in Neuro Rehab, Back and Spine injuries as well as sports injuries. With the diversity in the background of our therapists we are able to offer a wide variety of services. If you are looking for neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation or sports conditioning; then NW Sports Physical Therapy is the place for you. We have a Gig Harbor clinic as well as a Tacoma clinic to meet all your therapy needs.

NW Hand and Occupational Therapy
NW Hand and Occupational Therapy is located both in Gig Harbor and Tacoma. With two certified Hand Therapist and one COTA on staff, we are able to meet all your hand therapy needs. Our Hand Therapists are Occupational Therapists as well, so they are able to treat a wide range of conditions. We treat neurologic disorders, all hand injuries, work-related injuries, upper extremity sports injuries, carpel tunnel and repetitive strain/over-use injuries.