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Welcome to NW Sports Physical Therapy

Dave is currently with the Women's National Soccer Team in Austria getting ready for the World Cup
Dave is seen here with one of the USA Women's World Cup team members.

At NW Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. our goal is to provide services that satisfy and improve the lives of our patients and communities. You will find therapists and staff that have a passion for what they do and compassion for those they meet. Our dedication to the health of our patients shines through in all aspects of our business. NW Sports Physical Therapy has adopted a Code of Cooperation that is the foundation of our daily experience with our patients.

Whether it's back pain, neck pain or knee pain, a work injury, auto accident or sports injury, NW Sports Physical Therapy can take care of you. The therapists at NW Sports Physical Therapy, NW Hand Therapy and NW Physical Therapy possess the expertise and knowledge to evaluate, assess and care for all your therapy needs.

The Gig Harbor Physical Therapy clinic offers both Hand Therapy as well as physical therapy services. The Tacoma Physical Therapy clinic is centrally located with our Hand Therapy clinic just down the street. The close proximity of our clinics allows us to have multiple staff in each location sharing our diverse skills and knowledge. We feel you benefit from this collective experience and our contagious environment of encouragement and success.

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