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Whether it's back pain, neck pain or knee pain, a work injury, auto accident or sports injury, NW Sports Physical Therapy can take care of you. The therapists at NW Sports Physical Therapy possess the expertise and knowledge to evaluate, assess and care for all your therapy needs.

The Gig Harbor Physical Therapy clinic offers both Hand Therapy and Physical Therapy as does the Tacoma West location. Our Tacoma Hand Therapy location is in close proximity to our other clinics allowing us to have multiple staff in each location. They are able to share their diverse skills and knowledge with our patients at each location. We feel you benefit from this collective experience and our contagious environment of encouragement and success.

Why Choose NW Sports Physical Therapy?

Summit Photo from Mt. Rainier
Just wanted to give a big thank you to Troy and Craig on behalf of Aaron and I. His knee and my shoulder have never felt better or stronger!!! After our PT this year we've done probably over 100 miles of backpacking... Climbed Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and Glacier Peak. As somebody who has had a previous shoulder surgery on my opposite arm, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this recovery was the best, most painless and quickest!!! I am back to doing crazy workouts with push ups and pull ups and feeling stronger than ever and Aaron's knee is pain free. Thanks for EVERYTHING!! I've attached our summit photo from Mt. Rainier 🙂

Anastasia and Aaron

We support our community and participate in charitable giving to various organizations, including Race for A Soldier.